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Shashi & Honey
An ode to my grandmother. 

I shared an incredible bond with my late grandmother, smt Shashi Rastogi. She was my nurturer, my anchor and my advocate. The love she had for me was insurmountable, immense.

She loved many things, but what she loved the most was fashion. She used to cut and sew her own clothes for the longest time. She used to make me outfits from her sarees, some actually, some in her imagination. She was an excellent storyteller as well, so the way she described the clothes always made me squeal with joy. This love for fashion and clothes never waned in her lifetime. Even when she was 65+ with arthritis and mild parkinsons, she used to fiddle with her beloved sewing machine.
I would like to believe I inherited this passion from her. It's in my genes. 
She passed away last year, I lost her to covid, but her love for fashion will continue in me. 

This collection is my love letter to her. She would have loved these clothes, the fabric, the cut, the color. I imagine myself twinning with her in these :) 
I wish I thought of this when she was here with us, she would have been so happy and giddy, like a schoolgirl. It's a regret I will carry. But I am choosing to believe she can see me carrying on her legacy. 

I love you Shashi