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  • @labelraasleela was started in 2012 as a stitching unit/tailoring shop in my mum’s basement. I had just left my dream corporate job as honestly I couldn’t take the pressure and office politics. Had no idea what I was doing, but just started something with one machine, one staff and nothing else.
    In 2015, I pivoted a bit and started making my own designs and selling them through offline events, facebook shopping groups etc.
    Finally in 2017 we did our first photoshoot and launched on a fashion website. That was the first win and validation I desperately needed. Since then its been a continuous growth leading to the launch of our website in 2020 :) Since then we have served over 6000 global customers

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  • 1) When will my order be delivered?
    - We are a made to order brand & our dispatch timelines is 10-12 working days from the date of order.
    Once the order is dispatched, it can take between 3-5 days to deliver the order.

    2) What are you refund and exchange policies?
    We don't offer refunds however you can exchange the size or take a store credit to buy something else if you don’t like the design.
    The store credit has lifetime validity. No exchange is possible for sale or customized items

    3) Shipping
    Shipping is free pan India and we offer cod.
    International shipping is currently highly subsidized at only 11$ through DHL. Any custom duties are to be borne by the buyer.

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  • 1.If you wish to cancel an order, please let us know in a timely manner.

    2. If you will be unavailable to receive an order(cod or prepaid) please let us know and we will hold it for you.

    3. If you have previously rejected a cod order, we will only be able to take prepaid orders from you in future.

    4. The store credit issue in lieu of a product can be used only once and the order amount should be equal or more to the coupon value. We will not be able to reissue you remaining balance if any.

    5. An order can be exchanged only once. Pls be sure about the size and style. We are always here to help.

    6. Sale items cannot be exchanged or refunded for any reasons.

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  • LabelRaasleela is a small business and we have a micro team. I (Sonali) look after the designing, inventory, production, shipping, customer care and all related issues.
    My partner Nishant looks after the ads, marketing, website backend, accounts and other paperwork.
    Our 3 dogs do nothing but look cute and that’s okay 😀

    Our tailoring team consists of two senior masterjis, one junior masterji, one production supervisor, 9 tailors, two quality checkers and pressmen, two women who does hemming and buttons and one person who does all the packing
    We are proud to say that we have 15 full time employees and they get fair wages and a safe workplace.

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  • We are a made to order brand which means we don’t keep ready stock. While this may mean that you will have to wait for 12-15 days for your order, it has many many upsides :)

    1. This way we don’t end up with dead stock that would eventually go to the landfill. For example if we pre make our designs in all the sizes and some designs don't work, what will we do with so much dead stock? It's a waste of our resources.

    2. We don't have to resort to deep discounting and devalue our brand and disrespect our customers. For example if we launch a product at 3000 inr but it doesn't sell much. Just a few customers bought it at the original price, it would be so unfair to them to sell the same product for 50% less to other customers.

    3. It sometimes happen that a print is goon on its own but doesn't work for a particular style. Since we don't keep stocks we can always make another style from a print that is not selling. So even the fabric itself doesn't go to waste :)

    4. Most importantly, since nothing is premade, we are able to customize the product according to your requirements :)

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  • My name is Sonali and I am the founder/designer at@labelraasleela I live in Delhi with my partner & our 3 rescue dogs. Let me introduce you to them :)

    Also here are some silly and some not so silly facts about me.-

    1) I have an intense passion for travelling. Nothing and no-one gives me as much joy as travelling. By nature I am an extremely shy and introvert person but travelling changes my whole personality.

    2) I am an agnostic but I believe in Karma. Not in the way of heaven or hell but in the way of respecting the privilege given to us as humans and using that for giving back to the society.

    3) I love dogs and we have 3 rescues at home. We also look after 15 community dogs (food, vaccination, sterilization and general upkeep) and also support 4-5 individual rescuers in whatever capacity I can

    4) Love chocolates and can eat lots of it at one go. Its scary

    5) I have an autoimmune disease called fibromyalgia which has made my life extremely difficult, painful and limited. We all have our own struggles and we should extend the kindness and empathy as much as possible.
    But with strong, healthy boundaries :)

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  • With my partner & support system, Nishant

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  • The 5 of us on babies day out @taabiir_farms

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  • With my grandmother. I lost her in 2021 to covid. She and I were a love story. I was also hospitalised with covid and the day I got discharged, she tested +
    It’s almost life she made a deal with God to swap my life with hers

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  • Our first born Alfie! He came to us as a 2.5 yrs old. He was bought and then the family couldn’t look after him and threatened to abandon him on the road or any shelter. We adopted him from @pawsforacausencr through @meeta2407#adoptdontshop

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  • Our second child- Chulbul. She came to our home as a foster. She and her sister were run over on Diwali night 2019. We couldn’t save the sister but Chulbul came and stayed. She is obsessed with pillows and cannot sleep without one

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  • Our third & hopefully final child 😂- Charlie
    Also came as a foster because mister has always been too big for his pants and is truly an utter chaos. Adopted through @karanpurifoundationn

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  • My grandparents- My grandfather who taught me ethics and principles with his actions and not words and my grandmother from whom I have inherited love for food, fashion and the pizzazz of life. Customised garland by @hoppingchidiya

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  • We not only do custom sizing (no extra cost, no fat tax), we can also do custom design alterations
    Changing sleeve length, adding or removing sleeves, changing garment length, adding, removing pockets, making a style you like in another print of your choice, all this is doable at no extra cost!

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  • Instead of overlocking we give french seams for all our garments. It takes much longer than simply overlocking but the outcome is much neater and refined and its also more comfortable to wear as there are no stray threads.

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  • Each collection features Indian crafts- so far we have worked with sanganeri, bagru, dabu, chippa, jakota, ajrakh, ikats & we hope to work with many more crafts in future. Another thing is that we work directly with artisans so they get fair pay.

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  • A female body changes many times in her lifetime.We give extra margins in all our garments and it can be opened upto a size atleast, if not more. We also offer free alterations upto an year if the customer can pay courier charges.

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  • The information you get from us is 100% correct to the best of our knowledge. There are no vague or misleading terms.Also as scripted as it may sound, we are our biggest critic. I, as the founder, am always looking to better the product or service even when the feedback is positive. It is the only way to grow and not be complacent. Once you become complacent, mediocrity seeps in.

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  • We use only natural fabrics for all our garments. Most of our prints use natural or azo free dyes.

    We are trying to reduce plastic in our packaging. Its 90% plastic free and we are trying to find the best and most feasible permanent solution for this

    We are also trying hard to remove plastics from the garment- such as buttons and similar trims

    Our staff and tailors are well paid and have a safe environment to work.

    We are also introducing a feature where customers can sell their preloved LabelRaasleela outfits.

    We send our scraps to NGOs who use them to make other usable products that can again be sold. They employ underprivileged women to make these products which makes this even more amazing.

    None of our fabrics or clothing ends in landfill thanks to made to order model and collaboration with NGOs

    All these small steps will make big impact in taking us closer toward sustainability and circularity

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  • We are a team of dog lovers and look after 15 community dogs in terms of their food and medical needs. We also support local rescuers financially. We have 3 rescues at home and we are team #adoptdontshop

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  • We believe in comfort over everything. Comfort is cool,sexy& well… comfortable!
    We use only natural fabrics and most of our garments have pockets!

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