Interview outfits for Indian women - Real world tips

Interview outfits for Indian women - Real world tips

Before starting Label Raasleela, I was working for nearly 5 years. I have worked both in a small set up with 10 employees and in a big corporate with 300+ employees. These 5 years involved a fair share of interviews and I am sharing my personal takeaways and learnings from them.

General Do's and Don'ts for Interview outfits

 What to wear

What to Avoid

Neutral colors or pastels. Please remember it does not mean boring or dated outfits :) Very Bright colors, shiny fabrics and outfits with loud prints or embellishments.
Comfortable footwear- Kitten heels and flats are perfectly okay for interviews Uncomfortable, or squeaky shoes that make noise on tiles/marble. Wearing flats is fine.
Minimal accessories- Just small pearl/diamond/metal studs or small hoops and a classy watch is enough. We do not need too many add ons. Long earrings, loud or too many accessories. 
Natural make-up. A basic primer with concealer/foundation/bb cream, a neutral or soft lip color and some kajal is perfect :) Anything more than that looks overdone in a professional environment.  Lots of make up. Unless you apply to a make-up academy :)
Simple hair-do which holds together for a few hours. You don’t want to keep fidgeting with your hair.  Any Elaborate hair do. Keep it simple and comfortable.
Wear something which you know works for you. A trial a day before never hurt anybody. Try a few outfits and see which one makes you smile the most.  Slits in the garments and slippery dupattas. Fidgeting or adjusting your clothes can make you seem and feel even more nervous.


Dress according to Company Culture

It is extremely important to know about the company you go in for the interview. A simple google will tell you about the culture and top management. Knowing this will help in a big way in you being prepared for the interview, including the way you dress for it. The key is not to look out of place when you arrive for the interview.

Can I wear a Kurti in an interview?

Of course, Yes! Usually, a simple, crisp cotton kurti works really well in an interview.  A straight fit knee length or long kurta, with straight ankle length pants is recommended.

It is extremely important to not look to casual. You need to give an impression that you gave thought to the way you have presented yourself. This shows that you came well prepared for the interview.

Ideas for formal western outfits

You can't go wrong with a plain or striped shirt with smart trousers. Instead of the trousers you can also wear an ankle length skirt as well.

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