About Us

Our story

Label Raasleela was launched in 2015 as a small tailoring unit in the basement of my old home. At that time, fast fashion had taken over the country and the market was filled with polyester clothing. Since I couldn't find any cute dresses in pure cotton, I decided to make my own :) 
Currently it's all the rage but few years back no one thought to use cotton for western wear!

Our mission

To globalize Indian crafts by empowering artisans. We make contemporary Indie clothing, always featuring at least one Indian craft, always on natural, native fabrics.

Our products

All our designs are clean, minimal, easy to wear and above all comfortable. We are priced in an affordable range and if taken good care our garments last a long time. We try to make chic, trending designs and make them super comfortable and wearable.


  • Our workmanship is of the highest quality and we use French seams to finish the garments rather than overlock.
  • We always give extra margins in all our garments so that they can be easily opened up, because let's eat that cake :)
  • We use the softest cotton and 78% of our designs use natural or azo free dyes- which our better for our skin and planet
  • Our packaging is nearly plastic free. Only the outer packaging is plastic and that too is mostly reused. We are aiming to be 100% plastic free very soon
  • We come up with zero waste projects- where we use textile scraps to make bags, coasters, masks, headbands as well as patchwork apparels.
  • We offer free alterations upto 1 year of purchase provided the customer pays the shipping cost.

A cause close to our heart

We are a team of animal lovers and 10-15% of our revenue goes in feeding, medicating, vaccinating, neutering, rescuing and rehabilitating street dogs. We currently look after 18 community dogs & donate monthly to 3 individuals/organizations working for dogs.
We have two dogs, Alfie and Chulbul at home, both adopted :) #adoptdontshop
When you purchase from us, you help us support and sustain the animals.

About the Founder

Hey! I am Sonali, founder and creative head at Label Raasleela. When not working at Raasleela, I am traveling. Travel is my therapy and I am either traveling or planning my travels or thinking about travels. 
My most favourite vacation till date has been Portugal. Oh no wait Italy.. Oh no, maybe it was Andaman or maybe Vietnam? I don't know and I can't decide. 
Apart from travels I obviously, like any sane person, love music. Both old and new, both jazz and rock and everything in between. I also love books across all genres and would simultaneously read 3 books together,  earlier, when I had time. I am a mom to two dogs and passionately advocate and work for animal rights in my capacity. Please always ADOPT and NOT SHOP.

About the Team

Raasleela currently employs 12 staff members and support staff. We have a 3 member sampling team and a 6 member production team with 3 members in support staff.  We are extremely proud that all our workers are paid above industry standards and benefits. We are extremely grateful for their skills, talent and hard work.