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I am a dog crazy person and my partner (life & business :D) though initially super scared of dogs, has come around too, and how! As a company, we use a chunk of our profit looking after our community dogs (16 bubs at the last count) and it all started when we adopted our first good boy ALFIE!

We will introduce these cookies every week 😊

I have always had dogs in my life. My grandparents had a Doberman girl called Ricky when I was born and my mom tells me I used to be on one lap and she used to be on the other. Thankfully no one thought that it would be dangerous for Ricky to be around me and hence I have literally grown up with dogs.

I got married in 2013 and moved to my in-laws place. There were no dogs, no dog lovers and no space for dogs and I really missed having one(OR 10!). We moved out in 2017 as it was high time we leave the nest and start adulting! (IT IS COOL BUT SO HARD!)

Early 2018, we seriously started looking for a dog to bring home to us. We were somehow very clear that it will be an adoption, that breed, gender and age won’t matter. We filled out the applications, met a few dogs and got our house check done. We zeroed on a 9-month-old beautiful Indie boy called CHIP. The day we were supposed to pick him up to start the foster period, we got a call that there has been a miscommunication and he has been adopted by someone else!!  We were really upset, I had already named him and bought toys but it was what it was!

We took a while to start the process again and in July 2018 we saw a post of a beautiful 2.5 yr. old lab boy was being abandoned by his family. It was such an urgent post as the family was going to abandon him in a shelter/road/with a breeder in 24 hours. My heart raced and I commented on the post. Got the call in under a second from the adoption coordinator and we got our baby boy with us home the next day! He is always happy, always waggy! He is the light of our lives, the reason of our smiles and the reason we started working for dogs extensively!

Say Hello to Alfie! If you are in Delhi you are welcome to meet Alfie and other bubs we love. He is an extra friendly doggo and loves to meet new people! Till next Sunday….



Sonali Agarwal

Hi! I am Sonali. I am a Wife, Dog mom, Designer, Hustler, Wanderer. Before starting Raasleela I was working as a fashion merchandiser at Triburg.

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